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PostgreSQL + Chef – Automatically configure based on server RAM

I was sick of changing shared_buffers, effective_cache_size, maintenance_work_mem, work_mem, SHMMAX, SHMALL each time we’d spin up a new server. So I decided instead to have chef calculate it for me! It takes the available RAM of the server and then calculates each value based on:

The recipe:

Ruby – Uploading files greater than 5GB to Amazon S3

I was struggling with finding a method to upload files greater than 5GB to S3 using the Amazon aws-s3 gem, then I came across this great post by Gavin. I’m adding the code here in case the site eventually goes down. All credit to Gavin!

Basically you shouldn’t leverage the aws-s3 multipart_upload as I… Read More »

Postgresql Activity Monitor Installation – pg_activity

Needed to install pg_activity on ubuntu 12.04 x64 and there were a decent amount of dependencies, here’s how to do it:


PHP and SSH2 Class – Easily put/get files

I wrote a short little helper class for retrieving files using the ssh2 library w/PHP.  Don’t forget to enable/install it to your PHP installation!

  Credits to Random Drake for the listing/downloading code

Pattern Maker for IDA

So I recently purchase IDA 6.1 and quickly realized that the majority of plugins available online were simply compiled for windows, but no source! One example was pattern maker that was originally posted here. Unfortunately the source was lost, so I decided to attempt to re-create it. It simply gives you patterns for the disassembly… Read More »